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Learning Skills and Strategies

Learning strategies are ways to understand, remember, and apply the knowledge you learn.

How Well Do You Manage Your Time?

Managing your time effectively is crucial to success in post-secondary education.

On average, a single course can take 9 to 15 hours of your time per week!

These resources can help build your time management skills. They are a great tool to help you plan your classes and study time! Alternatively, don't forget to visit RDC's Students' Association to receive a planner to help organize your daily tasks. If you have questions or need further assistance with managing and organizing your time, book an appointment today with the Learning Skills Strategist.

Stay Focused and Motivated

Do you ever find that, when you are studying, you can't seem to focus? If you find yourself checking your phone instead of studying, this article discusses research showing how "information overload" from technology makes tasks take longer.

Do You Sabotage Your Time Management?

People sabotage their time management in 10 main ways:

  1. Predicting failure
  2. Starting too big
  3. Scheduling every possible moment of the day
  4. Being totally unrealistic
  5. Assuming failure and giving up when the schedule doesn't go as planned
  6. Focusing on the past
  7. Emphasizing failures and ignoring successes
  8. Prioritizing the least meaningful and most unproductive activities
  9. Basing personal time management on other people's needs and priorities
  10. Going it alone

Eliminate "Time Thieves"

To create more time in your day, identify and eliminate your “time thieves”:

  • Laziness - “I just don’t feel like doing it.”
  • Sidetracks - “Oh, I better see Mike first.”
  • Procrastination - “I’ll do it later.”
  • Day-dreaming - “Some day, I’ll amaze them all.”

Managing your time effectively starts with discovering where all your time goes.


Balance School with Family

Many students face the challenge of trying to balance raising a family with going to school. Certain strategies can help:

  1. Put pleasure before business
  2. Make studying a reward
  3. Plan your learning activities so you do the less demanding tasks when the kids are around
  4. Use the resources around you
  5. Get creative; be outrageous!

Find details on each of these strategies here:

Tools and Apps

There are a variety of tools and apps that can assist you with time management. We have tried and used some of them and others have come to our attention from faculty and students who have found them helpful. 

Disclaimer: Red Deer College does not officially endorse the apps and sites listed here, and may not be held responsible for any technological problems that arise from their use. Please use at your own discretion.