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Learning Skills and Strategies

Learning strategies are ways to understand, remember, and apply the knowledge you learn.

Why Develop Study Skills?

Effective study habits are not inherited; they are learned.  

Good study skills are critical to your success in school. They:

  • Improve your grades
  • Help yourself understand, remember and apply the knowledge you are receiving in your courses, and
  • Use your time effectively

Study skills and strategies use an array of methods to help tackle your process of taking in and organizing new information, retaining information, or dealing with assessments (assignments, tests and exams). For more specific resources and information, review each tab related to study skills and book an appointment today!

Brain Power

Did you know that you can train your brain to concentrate better and retain more information?

Read these documents for strategies and tips to improve your brain power!

Reading Skills

If you typically read a chapter in your textbook and then, 10 minutes later, have trouble recalling what you read, you are not alone. Many students benefit from learning different strategies to help them retain and process the information in their texts.

This document explains the SQ4R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Record, Review) reading technique, which helps you retain and process the information in your texts. If you require additional assistance, please book an appointment today with the Learning Skills Strategist.

Group Work

Why participate in a study group? 

  • Share materials and resources and clarify understanding. 
  • Opportunity to test yourself and your peers. 
  • See material presented in alternative ways to those used in class. 
  • Material put into a student's own words can aid in remembering it. 
  • Teaching others is a very effective way to master information.

These resources will help you work effectively in groups.

Tips for Science Students

This document offers some helpful study strategies for science classes. 

Tips for Trades & Technologies Students

Having strong skills, such as reading, document use, writing, and thinking, can help you succeed in your apprenticeship training. By having these skills, you will be able to:

  • prepare for in-class training;
  • take effective notes; and
  • understand and remember what you have learned.

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada created a document that provides tips and strategies to learn these skills. If you have questions or need additional assistance, please book an appointment with the Learning Skills Strategist.

Tools and Apps

There are a variety of tools and apps that can assist you with studying. We have tried and used some of them and others have come to our attention from faculty and students who have found them helpful. 

NOTE: Red Deer College does not endorse the apps and sites listed here, and is not responsible for any technological or other problems that may arise from their use.