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Learning Skills and Strategies

If you need study skills help, please check out what RDC offers!

Faculty Information


The Learning Skills Strategist offers a variety of presentations to classes that serve students to promote academic success.  The Learning Skills Strategist can:

  1. Give a brief, 5 minute presentation to your class about the resources available to your students.
  2. Give an in-class workshop/presentation.

If you are interested in discussing a presentation for your class, please contact the Learning Skills Strategist directly.  

Please note that at least two weeks notice may be required to schedule an in-class presentation. Availability is dependent on the Learning Skills Strategist's office hours.

Contact the Learning Skills Strategist directly by phone or by email

  • Claire Campbell
    Office: 1006M (Located in the Library Information Common)



If you feel a student or a group of students would benefit from learning skills and strategies help, please contact the Learning Skills Strategist directly or direct them to book an appointment.  The Learning Skills Strategist can help in a variety of areas:

  • Time Management
  • Study Strategies
  • Reading Skills
  • Note Taking
  • Exam Preparation