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Blackboard @ RDC

This guide will help you use Blackboard for your courses.

How do I navigate around my course?

Your instructor may have customized the course menu and deactivated some course tools that are available to students. Each course will be different, but the navigation will be the same: 

Logout Button
The logout button is in the top right-hand corner of Blackboard, beside your name:

Tabs (MyRDC, Learning Common) 
Click a tab to open it.

The MyRDC tab lists the courses you are enrolled in as well as Announcements, Messages, Tech Guide, Organizations, and Workshops & Events.

The Learning Common tab contains a list of your courses in addition to services available for students which include Tutoring Services, Library, Distance Learning, Testing Services, and Disability Services.

Click a button to navigate to a page within Blackboard or an area outside of Blackboard. Buttons may also execute functions, like expand and collapse menus. 

Click a hypertext link to access another page within Blackboard or a website outside of Blackboard. Links can be found in the Course Menu, within Learning Modules, and throughout other content areas of Blackboard. 

The Breadcrumb trail appears below the tabs. Breadcrumbs allow you to go back to the previous pages that led to the current page. Click the links that appear in this navigation path to access the page indicated. 

Course Menu
Your course menu will look something like this; your instructor may have customized it with different items. Learn more about the Course Menu.

Video Tutorial: Blackboard Navigation

Why is my course not listed?

At the Start of Term

Courses will not appear in Blackboard until the first day of a term. You cannot access your course through Blackboard ahead of time.

If your instructor is using Blackboard for their course, but you don't see the course listed in Blackboard at the start of term, then contact your instructor.

Not all instructors use Blackboard, so you may not see all of your courses listed in Blackboard.

If you are unsure of whether you should see a course listed, then contact your instructor.

At the End of Term

After the course is over, you will no longer have access to your course. If you wish to save course materials for future use, do so before the course ends.

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