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Red Deer College

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Counselling Services

Counselling services and supports are inclusive, confidential, and available to all RDC students free of charge.

Mental Health & International Students


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Canadian immigrants represent about 16% of Canada's population and form an important part of Canada's social, cultural, and economic institutions. Regardless of gender, age, culture, education, and income, an individual’s mental health can fluctuate over time. That being said, the decline in immigrants’ health is a result of environmental, economic, genetic, and socio-cultural factors. Their health is influenced by factors such as new place of residence, employment, education, and poverty, as well as the accessibility and responsiveness of health practitioners (Mental Health of Immigrants, 2017).

Central Alberta Refugee Effort

Education, support, and connection opportunities for new Canadians.


Central Alberta Immigrant Women's Association

Support and awareness for immigrant women and their families in all aspects of Canadian life, and to assist them in achieving their full potential as members of Canadian society.


Child Helpline International 

Get access to all helplines available internationally. 



A website dedicated to understanding international student mental health.