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Disability Resources

Committed to providing an accessible learning environment to all our students.

RDC Campus Map - Main Campus

Main Floor and Lower Level

Second and Third Floors

Campus overview showing accessible entrances and parking

Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre

Accessible Parking Information

Accessible parking stalls are located throughout the campus to allow for ease of access to all College facilities. Please check the campus parking map for specific locations or contact the Fees Office in person or email for more information.

Download an accessible parking application to find out more about parking at RDC.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

These emergency evacuation procedures are intended for anyone with a permanent or temporary disability who is unable to evacuate a building via the stairwell. Please contact Disability Resources if you have specific concerns.

Please review RDC's Emergency Procedures.


Individuals are expected to take responsibility for their personal safety.  If you need help making a safety plan, please see your Disability Resources Coordinator. Please take the following steps to ensure that you are prepared for an emergency situation:

  • Familiarize yourself with the building(s) you frequent. Identify yourself to your instructors / supervisors.
  • In each building, the staff and security are responsible for the evacuation of all individuals. Contact Security at the beginning of each term with your class/study schedule in these buildings.
  • Initiate a "buddy" system with a classmate to assist in case of emergency.

In an emergency situation

  1. Proceed to the nearest Fire Exit Stairwell and, provided there is no immediate or apparent danger, wait adjacent to the stairwell until the main flow of people has passed. Fire Exit Stairwells are fire rated and provide a safe refuge area — persons waiting in the stairwell will be reasonably safe until evacuated. It is advisable to have your "buddy" wait with you.
  2. Make your presence known to the security in the area. Security can be identified by the yellow vests that they wear during an emergency evacuation.
  3. If there is no security in the area, locate the nearest telephone, call 403.343.4000, and inform them of your exact location.
  4. If there is no telephone, ask someone who is evacuating to inform the responding emergency services of your location.

Under no circumstance should elevators be used to evacuate, unless assisted by the Fire Department.
By remembering these simple procedures, you will be able to better react during an emergency.
If you have any questions, please contact Disability Resources by email at or by telephone at 403.357.3629.