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Study Help & Tutoring

If you need assistance with any of your courses, please check out the free tutoring services RDC offers.

Make an Appointment with the Writing Skills Centre


The Writing Skills Centre is closed until September. If you need assistance, contact Amy Becker at 403.342.3264 or

Our Services

All RDC students are welcome in the Writing Skills Centre. It doesn't matter what program you're in or what your marks are. We can help you with:

  • Essay organization and structure
  • Research and planning
  • Developing a strong thesis statement
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Any other issues related to writing

In order to become independent learners, students must be prepared to acquire many types of skills throughout their post-secondary educations. At the Writing Skills Centre, we focus upon helping students develop the writing skills they need in both an academic and professional setting. While our tutors cannot proofread your paper for you, they can teach you the skills you will need to proofread your own work. Those skills will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Click on the link below to get an idea of what typically happens during a tutoring session in the Writing Skills Centre. This document also contains important information about avoiding plagiarism and maintaining academic integrity!

These links and handouts are useful for the entire essay-writing process, including getting started.



Check out the following downloadable handouts on grammar!       

These handouts will help you understand more about the parts of speech.

These tools can help you learn some essay-writing basics.

Having strong transitions between sentences, paragraphs, and ideas makes an essay flow clearly.